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The Bees Chose Us!

We are a family of three generations with a little place in Honey Grove Texas. This is where our bees chose us. Some bees decided  to move into a hollow tree right by our tractor shed. We thought we needed to exterminate them so as not to harm any of us or the kids. As we began to research ways to get rid of the bees we discovered the importance of bees. Without bees we would have no food!! We decided to try to find a way to move them to a safe place.

                 We began an investigation into the life of bees, how to capture them and safely relocate them into a man made hive. We tried a couple of things including inventive contraptions to encourage the bees to move out with no success. Finally we safely cut them out of the tree and moved them thus CAPTURING our first hive!

                Since then we have become known as the Bee people to call. If someone notices a swarm or a hive on their property we go examine the situation and save the bees from extermination. Each job is a little different. Some are just swarms that need a home and we provide one for them, others are more complicated and need parts of houses disassembled to get to the hive and remove it, while others may just need a limb cut out of a tree.

                Bees need good flowering plants to feed off of to create their honey and farmers need bees to pollinate their crops. We have joined forces with the local farmers and currently our bees are busy making honey on farming properties around Honey Grove. Everyone is happy and everyone benefits. We didn't plan on becoming beekeepers when we bought our place in HONEY Grove, but God had other Plans for us!



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